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Based in Chicago, Illinois

Release Date:
August 25, 2023 (Apple Arcade)

Apple Arcade



finity. is a thoughtful minimal puzzle game. Its few rules lead to deep strategy, flow, and exciting close calls.

  • Tiles wrap around.
  • Slide rows or columns to match 3 tiles.
  • Moves are limited, so think carefully!

Climb the leaderboards as you rank up your skills to unlock challenging special tiles, power ups, and new themes to suit your mood in classic mode.

Or swipe over to tempo mode and get lost in music while you make swift matches and find your flow.

History and Inspiration

I've worked on finity. on and off for many years. And in that time many elements changed, but these core inspirations helped to guide the game.

Rubik's Cube

I was inspired by playing with a Rubik’s cube and imagining how it would work if you flattened it out. I really liked solving the initial stages of the cube intuitively without having to perform or remember sequences, and I wanted to capture those little early satisfying moments over and over in the game.


I loved the idea in Tetris where by playing it you were inherently making a messy board with gaps, but then had a lot of satisfaction in cleaning it up. I wanted to capture that exciting feeling of close calls, where what seems like an inescapable situation can be restored to something pristine with a few thoughtful moves.


Ideas of impermanence and infinity were thematic influences that helped to keep the game on track. I found the idea of impermanence to be really powerful for me in life. Thinking about the limited nature of my life and everything around has helped me to stay present and be more appreciative. I think there is a beauty in limited moves and limited choice that helps to free us from choice paralysis. I hoped to create a depth of strategy out of limited moves and choices that would lead to seemingly infinite possibilities. This theme also led into the creation of the game's snake mascot, often a representation of infinity.


  • A refreshing take on a matching puzzle game.
  • Depth and complexity that grows with the player's skill.
  • Satisfying sounds, music, and tactile gameplay.
  • Variety of game modes that appeal to different puzzle game players.
  • Classic mode: rank up your skills to unlock challenging special tiles, power ups, and new skins.
  • Tempo mode: get lost in music while you make swift matches and find your flow.
  • New updates and modes to come.


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About Seabaa

Hi I'm Sebastian, an independent game developer from Chicago and I make small games as Seabaa.

Our Team

  • Sebastian Gosztyla
  • Joel Corelitz
    Audio, Music


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